Urban Produce Installs Skywell Unit to Harvest Water from Thin Air 9/15/2015 12:00:00 AM by Talia Samuels

Advancing their efforts towards water conservation and sustainability, USDA Certified Organic vertical farm, Urban Produce has installed Skywell’s high-capacity air water system. Skywell’s state-of-the-art technology harnesses moisture from the air and converts it into clean, filtered water, which Urban Produce now uses to water their 16-acre vertical farm.

With Skywell, Urban Produce is revolutionizing the way they source their water. Urban Produce’s 5,800 sq. ft. High Density Vertical Growing System is synced with an intelligent, integrated watering process that ultimately allows them to grow 16 acres of organic produce using 93% less water than conventional farming. With the implementation of the Skywell unit, Urban Produce now has an even more sustainable solution.

“Urban Produce is constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to sustainability,” commented President & CEO Ed Horton, who plans to build 50 Urban Farms in the next five years. “The installation of the Skywell unit advances our efforts towards water conservation and positions Urban Produce at the forefront of sustainable agriculture.”

Skywell’s industrial-sized unit is designed to produce approximately 100 gallons of sustainable water each day. The system uses innovative technology to draw ambient air into the unit where it undergoes a process similar to nature’s very own water cycle -- moisture is collected and then purified using a rigorous multi-filter process, along with the introduction of ultraviolet and ozone exposure between storage and use.

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Urban Produce Installs Skywell Unit to Harvest Water from Thin Air

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