Hotel Indigo Shows Off Santa Barbara Area’s First ‘Air Water’ Dispenser 9/12/2014 12:00:00 AM by

Skywell co-founder and president Jonathan Carson presses a button to fill a cup with cold water created in one of his company's "air water dispensers," which are being piloted in a dozen places in Southern California, including Hotel Indigo in Santa Barbara. (Gina Potthoff / Noozhawk photo)

A new water dispenser in the lobby of Hotel Indigo in Santa Barbara resembles the clean, classic look of purifiers used before the metallic machine, but its production process is anything but predictable.

The Skywell 5T uses technology creating water from moisture in the air through a so-called air water dispenser.

It looks like water, tastes like water and hydrates like the stuff.  Although sounding too good to be true, especially during a devastating regional drought, Santa Monica-based Skywell LLC has developed the technology to create “air water” — what we all know and love, sans additives and natural minerals.

Hotel Indigo just plugged its machine into a standard electric outlet this week as one of a dozen Southern California hotels and businesses piloting the company’s first models for free in a “first-glass program,” said Jonathan Carson, Skywell co-founder and president.

The five-gallon 5T unit draws in air and takes that collected moisture to purify through a multi-filter process, which involves ultraviolet and ozone exposure.

Each machine has a touch-screen app to control temperatures and monitor daily water usage, with production depending on the climate — humidity of at least 35 percent required, creating about five gallons per day.

Users can press one of two buttons, hot or cold, and then dispense and drink.

Hotel Indigo Shows Off Santa Barbara Area’s First ‘Air Water’ Dispenser

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